My Ipsy Subscription Service Review

11/20/2015 05:06:00 PM

Ipsy Subscription Service Review

     Ipsy is a subscription service that you receive each month. The service is $10 a month for everything (including shipping and taxes). It's a makeup service and you can receive makeup, nail polish, makeup tools, face products, etc. They mostly come in sample sizes but you usually receive at least one full size product in your bag. You receive a new bag each month along with new products.
     When you first start, they have you fill out a survey. This survey is so that they know what type products you like. Once you're done with that, you will probably be put on a waiting list. They do not bill you though until you are going to receive a bag that month. Now that I am receiving bags each month, they bill me every month for $10.
      I have been with Ipsy now for awhile and feel like I can give you a good review on it. I joined back in July 2015 and received my first bag in August. They told me I would be put on a waiting list and if I did certain things (such as advertising through Facebook and such) I would be able to get my bag quicker. I didn't do that and just waited it out. By the next month, I received my bag. So I didn't mind waiting.
     What I like about Ipsy is that you receive new products every month. Also, you get more makeup products in your bag than anything else, which is what I wanted. Along with the items, you receive a new bag each month. After awhile, you may have too many bags to know what to do with. But they do make great gifts for people. In addition, after about a week of receiving your bag, you will receive an email asking you to review the items. I find that this is a great feature because you can let them know if you like receiving these certain products or not.
      For example, I'm not one who likes to receive face products. I'd rather just have makeup products. My skin is very sensitive so I'm more hesitant on using different facial items. When I answer their questions about each product, I let them know if I like receiving these products or not (they give you options to click on like: Love this type of product! Or Don't like this type product at all). Eventually, they get the hint and will send you less of those items. It won't happen right away, I'm still receiving some face products, but I usually only get one of those things in each bag.
      I may not use Ipsy forever, but for right now I thoroughly enjoy it. It's fun to open your mailbox and find your Ipsy bag in the mail! For my blog, I will be posting each month what I received in my Ipsy bag and let you know how I feel about the products. Hopefully, this will give you a chance to see if you are interested in having this type of product or not!

      I hope this article helped you understand more about the Ipsy subscription service.

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