Four Things I'm Thankful for This Year

11/24/2015 05:22:00 PM

                During this season, I thought I would take some time and think about all that I am thankful for. I know that a lot of Facebook statuses go around during the month of November saying all the things that everyone is thankful for. Honestly, I never contribute in those posts. But I will say, it is a good thing sometimes to sit back and really think about all that you have been blessed with. Even if times are tough, we have blessings in our lives that should make us grateful. To make this post not too long (I don't want to bore anyone), I'm going to list four things I am thankful for.

                To start off my list, I would like to share my thankfulness to the One Who made my life what it is today. My Savior, Jesus Christ. Without having Him in my life, my whole life would be chaos. I wouldn't know how to live or have anyone to turn to. We are all sinners, we all make mistakes. But God gave His Son so that we all could be saved. I could never thank Him enough for giving His Son for me. He loved me (and you) so much, that He let His son die as a sacrifice for our sins. Jesus didn't sin. But He died for our mistakes, so that we could be saved. It's an amazing love that I can't even fully comprehend. But I will forever be thankful. His grace is amazing. I wrote a post about what I believe if you are interested in learning more about it, click the link here.

                Second, I would like to state that I am thankful for my husband. We've been together a long time. There have been many ups and downs in our relationship. We have been married now for a little over a year and a half. We are still newly married and have a TON to learn, but I am thankful for a loving husband. He's my best friend and I am so glad I can share anything with him. He listens to me and works hard for our family. I love him so much and thank God that He put my husband in my life.

                Next, I'm thankful for the job God has given me. My working life has not been easy for me. If I'm going to be completely honest, working outside the home has never been an interest to me. I've struggled with hard jobs in the past. But I learned things from each experience and thankful for the lessons I've learned. I was blessed with this new job as a Nanny at the end of June (2015). I am beyond grateful for the loving family I get to work for. It has helped my life be less chaotic and my relationship with my husband better. Also, it's a job where I feel like I am actually helping. The others jobs I've had, I felt useless. Even though I was helping the company, I felt as though I was working for nothing (except money) and I always wanted my job to mean more than money. So I am so grateful for this amazing job that the Lord has blessed me with.

                Lastly, and this one is going to maybe sound silly, but I am thankful for Skype. My immediate family does not live close to me. My sister and her family live in a different state and so do my parents. So I do not get the chance to see my family very often. That's why I am so thankful for Skype. It allows me to Skype with my family anytime I want to. Believe me, we Skype a lot, almost every day. It's great though! I feel like I am a part of their lives more and they are more a part of mine. I became an aunt for the first time in April of this year so being able to see the little one grow up is so exciting for me! Skype has been a huge blessing in my life this year.

                Those are my four things I wanted to mention in this post. Obviously, I am more grateful than just those things. But if I were to list everything, this post would be so long I doubt anyone would want to finish reading it. Thanksgiving time has always been one of my favorite times of the year. So I thought it would be appropriate to share what I am thankful for. Share in the comments below what you are thankful for!

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