Ipsy November Glam Bag Review

11/30/2015 02:19:00 PM


           So I got my IPSY November bag in the mail a few weeks ago and have used the products to see how I like them (except for one and I'll explain why). So if you are interested in seeing what I got and how I liked the items, keep on reading!
            Let's start this review by reviewing the bag for this month. It's a galaxy style bag. It is very colorful and cool looking, but definitely not my favorite. Honestly, this bag was my least favorite bag this time. It's not exactly my style, so I'm not sure yet what I will do with it. The material also seemed a bit cheap feeling as well.

            To start out with the products, I received the Beaute Basics Eye Crayon in Sahara Gold. You use it like an eye shadow, but it's in a crayon form. The color is pretty light. It's definitely a pretty gold color, but a little too light. You have to put on quite a bit to see it. This product also creases pretty easily. If you want to wear this out, I'd suggest using an eye shadow primer. I used it with and without, and unfortunately it still creases either way. But it does crease less with the primer.

            The next product I received was the Albertini International Warm Love Pumpkin Exfoliating Mask (sample size). This product I have not tried out. I'm a little wary trying face products like this since my skin is so sensitive. I can break out easy, so I usually steer away from products like this. The scent is pumpkin, but it's a very natural smell. It's not overpowering at all. This little item will be a gift for someone. That is one of the nice things about Ipsy, if you don't like the products, they make great little gifts.

            Third item I got in my bag was a Crown pointed crease brush. I had never heard of this brand before Ipsy. The brush part feels very cheap. Also, the brush is pretty dense so when I applied it to my crease area, I felt like I was poking my eye. Even if I was gentle applying shadow to my eye, it would still feel like I was brushing it on too hard. Therefore, I'm not a big fan of this brush. I'll keep on trying it and see how I like it. Not the best brush from first experience.

            Another item I received was the Jessie's Girl Eye Shadow Primer (sample size). I have heard of this brand before Ipsy, so I was interested to see how I liked this primer. It's a light nude color, which blends in well for my skin tone. When you first apply it, it feels pretty wet. But once you blend it out, it's not too bad. From what I've seen it works well. I do like the applicator. It makes it easy to apply it to your eyelids. I think this product is good and I'll keep on using it.

            Last item, but most definitely not least, I received the Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara (sample size) in Jet Black. I have heard of this mascara in the past and I was excited when I got it in my bag! This mascara's wand is really big. But I love it. It goes on well and makes your lashes thick and long. The only downside I would say about this mascara (besides the fact that it's an expensive mascara) is that it makes your lashes spidery looking. I know some girls like that. But personally, I'm not as into that style. It's also a bit tougher to take off at night. But it's still a great mascara and I really enjoy using it! This item was by far my favorite item in the bag this month.

            So there is my review for my November Ipsy Glam Bag. Obviously, most of the products I received I didn't like as much. Honestly, this was my least favorite bag I've received so far. But it's always nice to try out new products! I'm looking forward to the next bag I receive in December. What did you receive in your bag this month? Did you like what you got? Let me know in the comments below!

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