My name is Lauren. I was born in 1990 and married by best friend in the Spring of 2014. Being a wife is something I love, not always easy but definitely worth it. Eventually we want to have children and my biggest dream is to be a wife and a mom.
    I moved to a different State far away from people I loved in 2010 right before turning 20. It was quite a drastic change. But one that was needed. Through that time, God really worked in me and in my husband (although not my husband at the time). He helped each of us grow so that when the time was right, getting married fell into place. I learned a lot during my time in a new State.
    Now, I am back in my home State where I grew up. I’m a full-time wife and a part-time nanny. I love it! Recently, I changed jobs and it has been such a blessing. I’ve had a hard past with jobs that really took the life out of me. I am so happy with where I’m at now.
    Creating things has always been my passion. I’ve always loved painting, drawing, and just being crafty in general! This blog will cover DIY's, beauty, money making/saving tips, home organizing/decorating, and just life experiences. If you enjoy those types of things than be sure to follow my blog to get updated on my posts!
Thank you for visiting!
Lauren Nicole

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