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5/14/2016 12:53:00 PM

   Lately, I have been thinking about blogging. I love typing, sharing things I know, and interacting with others that share the same passions as me. I created this blog as an all-in-one kind of blog. Where I could write about this or that, anything that was of interest to me or has helped me out.
   Soon, my blog simply turned into updates about my Etsy shop and nothing more. I was mad at myself for letting my blog turn into that. Consistency has always been a struggle of mine. After ignoring this blog, I went on to create a blog specifically for my shop. Yet again, another failed attempt.

   I lost passion for it. For my shop, I have a strong passion to succeed and be a successful entrepreneur. But I simply lost passion for my shop blog. I was learning about how to grow my sales and etc. Videos I would watch and articles I would read said to make a blog that follows along with your brand. Well, I grew tired of trying to keep up with that blog and my shop. I love my shop and am going to continue working hard on it. But I wanted a place where I could just be me. Have a little part of the web that I could express myself.

   For quite a while I have been wanting to have my own lifestyle blog. I wanted to share things that I have learned and my experiences with whomever wanted to read. So this post is simply to let you know, my goal is to stick with it this time. My focus will be here. That isn't to say I'm quitting my shop. Never. It's always been a dream of mine to sell my creations. But I'm sticking to my lifestyle blog. No more floating around trying to do multiple blogs to fit into a certain category. This blog will be about well...lifestyle. Hence the lifestyle blog ;) I'll be sharing with you what I've learned, projects I try, recipes I love, experiences in my life, and whatever else that falls into those categories.

  I'm new to blogging and know I am not the best by any means. My goal down the road is to have my own domain name. As of now, this one will have to do.  I hope you join me on this exciting journey!

Thanks for reading,
Lauren Nicole :)

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